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Your life, your security.

With the high increase in the crime rate in the country, the need arises for an equally sophisticated approach to tackle security problem around our homes, offices and business premises. Most of the companies have failed to provide good security services and others security issues to the clients. Because of this, the need of well-trained security guards instilled with skill and knowledge from crime experts to protect personal life and property become a basic need.


To deliver excellent and value added professional services to our clients in order for them to excel.




PATRANCE SECURITY LIMITED is committed and passionate in providing professional, timely and comprehensive security services to our clients, using a balance of innovation and practicality. The Firm staffs are people who reflect the values, ethics and dedication of our profession and our Firm, thereby ensuring the best possible service to every client, on every assignment.

Client Demographics

Our clients range from large companies to small companies to businesses and individuals with their needs ranging from Guards, Alarm system, Dog Patrols, Private Investigations and Home Care with a wide range of other services offered. We service multi-racial, diverse client bases that have become fond of the personalized service we offer.